Building Entrepreneurial Skills That Matter

entrBecoming your own boss and an entrepreneur is the new coveted career choice of the 21st century. People are fed up with working jobs that leave them underpaid and unfulfilled.

Although some entrepreneurs say they were born to build a company, it’s never been easier for anyone to learn entrepreneur skills that can propel them into building a successful business. Read more ›

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Creating A Positive Mindset After Being Laid Off

Positive mindsetAn individual’s career path is rarely a straight one. Though many young people assume they will remain with one company for a lengthy period of time, the fortunes of individual companies can change quickly and often without warning.

Though it can take many years to build a company into profitability, it can often take only a few months time of poor management to drive it into the ground. Even a well-managed company may find itself the victim of new technology. Being laid off is a reality that can hit anyone. Read more ›

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FG To Kick Off First Graduate Farmers Scheme On Thursday

farmersThe Federal Government will on Thursday flag off its first Graduate Farmers’ Scheme. The scheme is focused on providing food and jobs for Nigerians.

This is contained in a statement released by the Director for Information and Public Relations in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Margaret E. Umoh. Read more ›

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How To Be Self-Motivated While Working From Home

Self-motivationIn the modern world, working from home has become a common thing. It is one of the very convenient and effective ways to be in a gainful employment. If you are a self-motivated person it is the best way to earn a handsome amount of money. Read more ›



NIger state Agri-orenuer schemeIn an effort at tackling unemployment in Niger state, government is to train and empower youth and women in the state under it’s Agri-prenuer Empowerment Programme.

Three hundred youth and women across the state are to benefit in the scheme this year. The project is a joint effort of the state and federal government under the National FADAMA “Support for Youth and Women Programme”. Read more ›

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Founder of Paga: Advice For Those Looking To Start A Business Without Work Experience

Founder of Paga, Tayo OviosuThere are numerous business opportunities in Nigeria today. In almost every sector there are several things that need to change and are waiting for the brave soul who will embark on the mission. Thankfully, Nigerians are one of the most enterprising people I have met in the world. This will bode well for us as a country in the long term but it is also our Achilles heel today. Read more ›


The Only 3 Ways to be More Productive

How to be more productiveAccording to Taylor Pearson, “after reading thousands of articles and dozens of books, I’ve discovered there are only three real ways to be more productive.”

People always equate productivity with working harder. Some of us eventually wise up and think about how we can work smarter. But we almost never think about the third way: how to be more courageous. Read more ›


Simplification, The key to Successful SME Growth

keyAs a company grows, things can get complicated. Choosing the right technology solution can help simplify day-to-day operations, provide analysis and automate processes

When businesses start out, things are simple; there might only be a few employees, usually in a single location, with a simple sales model. However, as companies grow from micro to small (and carry on growing), the way the business is run may become more complex, which can result in the company becoming less effective, less profitable and with less ability to meet the 24-hour demands of suppliers and customers. Read more ›


Team Building Exercises

Team Building ExercisesJust as the name suggests, team building exercises are activities that are carried out by organizations to improve relations between team members, the way they interact and their ability to solve problems. Team building exercises serve many purposes such as decreasing stress, increasing efficiency and as a result, increasing productivity. Read more ›


Six Stages of Venture Development

Venture Capital DevelopmentPreparing to start a business typically occurs over a period of time, unless you are thrust into emergency mode by losing a job, or arriving as an immigrant in a country without a financial source of livelihood. Also, entrepreneurship is rarely a first occupation since people normally gain business experience and skills by working for others. Individuals usually pass through various stages of development in making a decision to open their own business. The venture development stages outlined below are presented in a logical sequence; however, the steps frequently overlap and do not always occur in the order presented. Read more ›

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Repositioning Nigerian SMEs for Growth

Repositioning Nigerian SMEs for Growth

Skye Bank Nigeria Plc SME Seminar 2013

As part of its efforts to support and promote the growth of the small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) as the growth engine of the Nigerian economy, Skye Bank Plc has organized a capacity building seminar for entrepreneurs and other small scale business owners to help them succeed in their businesses. The maiden Skye SMEs seminar with the theme "It is Possible", had in attendance many operators in the SMEs sector who came to gain fresh and new insights and trends into the operations, financing and management of SMEs.

Nigeria Launches SMES Programme

The challenges faced by SMEs in Nigeria

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